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Features of our LMS

Curriculum Management

The ability to create and manage educational curricula and levels, add materials for each class, and manage classes and materials

Educational Content

Create and display all types of educational content
SCORM 1.2 content

Question bank

A huge question bank where all types of questions can be created by instructor and administrators, and various statistics appear when students answer them

Educational Groups

The ability to create a group that includes a list of students,
allowing communication between group members as a closed group


The teacher creates an assignment associated with educational content. Sending alerts to students for the speedy completion of assignments. Determine the date of publication and the date of completion and follow up the performance of the students


Support assessment activities that include all types of objective and essay questions
Control the display of questions and answers to appear randomly to students to prevent cheating

Educational Projects

The ability to create a project for students, describe it, and set a publication date, as well as the possibility to evaluate the students. Students can be added to the project with the same attributes as the educational group


The administration of the educational institution has the ability to create a schedule indicating the exact times when classes and lectures will be held for all groups of students and teachers

Online Sessions

Instructor can add an online lecture to the schedule of a class section or a group of students, and the system is integrated with various platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more.


Registration of attendance, absence or delay for students per session.
Possibility of linking attendance to the student evaluation form

Behavior and Participation

Possibility to give students badges to reinforce positive behavior and reduce negative behavior.

Assessment Activities

The ability to create assessment models and set criteria for measuring students' performance, such as behavior, attendance, and tests, with a workflow for approval and publishing to students


System Provides a means of communication for all members involved in the educational process, allowing them to send and receive messages with attachments. Messages can be directed based on the sender's access rights and privileges


The platform features notifications and alerts for all users, with each user receiving notifications based on their permissions


Our platform offers the capability to create and direct different types of announcements to specific groups of users, including students, parents, and teachers

Discussion Board

A method for communication between the learning groups (instructors, assistants, students, and supervisors.
Like Facebook but for Education

Mobile APP

The platform enables students, lecturers, and assistants to access and interact with the system through a mobile application.
The mobile app supports Multi languages

Lesson planning

Administrators and educational supervisors can create a model for preparing materials, units, and lessons, each according to their permissions, whether for implementation at the ministry level or within the institution. The model can be modified and updated as needed

Statistics and Reports

Various statistics on all parts of the system

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Some Benefits for Students

Convenience: Students can access course materials and resources at any time and from anywhere.

Interactive learning: Key2Learn often includes interactive features such as quizzes, gamifications, and simulations, which can make learning more engaging and fun for students.

Assessment and feedback: Key2Learn include tools for assessment and feedback, which can help students track their progress.

Discussion Rooms and group projects can help students work together and learn from one another.

Allowing them to learn at their own pace and focus on what they need. This can improve their overall learning outcomes and help them achieve their academic goals.

Some Benefits for Teachers

Content Creation: Key2Learn allows teachers to create and upload educational content such as lesson plans, assignments, and assessments. This enables them to customize the learning experience for their students and tailor it to meet their unique needs.

Automated correction of assignments and tests.

Identifying and evaluating students' academic and behavioral weaknesses and providing feedback.

Evaluating students based on comprehensive scientific criteria.

A compatible and integrated system with virtual classroom support systems.

Some Benefits for Parents

Access student progress including grades, assignments and teacher feedback.

By giving parents information about upcoming assignments, tests, and other significant events, the system encourages them to take a more active role in their child's education.

Communication between parents, teachers, and administration, allowing for the exchange of helpful messages and feedback to better evaluate their children's academic and behavioral progress.

The platform enables parents to keep track of institution activities and announcements, and to interact with them accordingly.

A mobile application that facilitates communication through various channels and allows student follow-up in all ways.

Some Benefits for institutional administration

Data management: Key2Learn provides tools for managing data related to student enrollment, grades, attendance, and other important information.

Help administrators to allocate resources such as teachers, and classrooms more efficiently.

Provides tools for monitoring student and teacher performance, as well as overall institution performance, allowing administrators to identify areas of strength and weakness.

Communication: Key2Learn can facilitate communication between administrators, teachers, parents, and students, allowing for efficient collaboration.

Ability to create templates for different types of certificates.
Using QRCODE, which ensures that the certificate is validated.

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