Key2Soft in Dakar

Key2soft booth at eLearning Africa 2023 in Dakar with our Integrated Educational System 'KEY2EDU'

eLearning Platform

The system has over one million users

School Management System

Integrated Solutions for School Management

Transportation Management System

Real-time tracking of the student's guardian during transportation to and from the school

The Integrated Educational System
This exceptional eLearning platform is dedicated to helping all participants in the learning process achieve their goals of excellence and innovation
Curriculum Management
Question Bank
An integrated system that manages school operations, accounting, and provides valuable reports and statistics for excellent management.
Student Fees
General Accounting
Inventory Management
Using state-of-the-art technology to precisely track the movement of buses and students, has made supervision, tracking, and safety a reality
Mobile APP
Distance tracking

The features of the integrated system

Full Integration for all elements of the educational system
Comprehensive follow-up of all parties to the educational process
A true measure to the performance level for the educational process
Ease of use, confidentiality, and security
Monitor and control of all administration, finance operations correctly
Calculate the cost per Students,Grade,Stage
Full integration between the finance school system and e-invoice
The unique interactive integrated systems
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Educational Content and Posts
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A question in the Question Bank
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Online Sessions
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An integrated system to achieve the Excellence Educational Process

Innovation in the educational process is one of our main objectives in developing the educational system, aiming to improve the quality of education and develop students' skills and abilities. To achieve these goals, an interactive integrated system has been built to facilitate interaction among all parties in the educational system

About Key2Soft

The company was established in 2015. We are a software and consulting company that offers innovative solutions. Most of our work is in large projects and advanced solutions in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, and the United States, with a diverse base of products and customers. For more information about the company, please click on the following link
Our mission
Enhance the educational process with the highest standards of quality
Our Vision
Great ideas are only valuable when they are put into practice
We focus on delivering the best to our clients by working as a partner
We focus on working with a spirit of excellent teamwork and unleashing creativity
Our goals
Maximizing the use of technology to serve the educational process
Our Solutions
Providing innovative solutions using latest technologies
Applying educational standards to enhance the overall educational process
We are available and accessible at all times, through multiple communication channels

Contact Us

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1 Zakir Hussein - Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt

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